Know your Furrow Conditions as You Plant

Yield maps provide information for zone management decisions

Most yield monitors are accurate for the field, but not in zones

YieldSense accounts for changes to give you spatial accuracy

Simple Yet Accurate

Make sense of your yield data and make better decisions for your operation
• instead of time consuming re-calibrations, get simple, reliable results
• instead of isolated information, get instant connectivity and sharing
• instead of complicated desktop software, get yield-by-hybrid reports instantly from the cab
• instead of only whole-field results, get zone-by-zone yield data unlike any other yield monitor

Farming By Zone
Unique to YieldSense is the capability to get yield and location data in management zones, instead of the field as a whole. Then you can pinpoint planting solutions with the same accuracy.

Data that requires complicated desktop software doesn’t allow you to make real time decisions from the combine. YieldSense does. It can show you side-by-side maps – yield and as-planted – as you move across the field. You can make meaningful comparisons across yield zones, hybrids, fertilizer levels and more. That allows you to make better decisions for the future. • Ultimate Accuracy

• Real-Time Yield by Hybrid Reports
• Wireless Data Sharing Between Combines
• Define Management Zones
• Enhanced with Climate Fieldview™ Plus

Detail & Summary
You can get average bu/a for the whole field from just about any yield monitor. But only YieldSense will give you yield by hybrid reports from the cab. So you can confidently plan changes for next year real time.